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Karen Koehler

photo courtesy of Robert Sargent

Karen fell in love with skijoring when she and her husband adopted a retired sled dog that still loved to pull. Now she is an advocate for getting individuals and families outdoors and active with their dogs in harness. Done with proper knowledge and care, harness dog activities can be fun for all involved. With 14 years in the sport of competitive skijoring, outdoor adventure activity leadership since 1997, and 12 years of elementary school teaching, Karen now teaches harness dog activities through Yours Outdoors in the Haliburton Highlands area of Ontario, where she lives with her husband and 4 beloved dogs. She has also had a long time passion for creative writing and art.

Me and my dogs
Photo Album

Karen and her dogs
photo by Robert Sargeant
Bikejor with Oodle
photo by Echo Image Photography
Scootering with Bundle
photo by Laurel Turansky
Canicross with Bundle
photo by Robert Sargent
Kicksledding with Buncho and Oodle
photo by Joey Ouellette
Skijoring with Much and Oodle
photo by Marie Parent Photographie
Bikejor with Much
photo by Sophie Desbiens Photography and Design
skijoring with Much
photo by Daniel Knight
skijoring with Much
photo by Daniel Knight
skijoring with Buncho and Bundle
photo by Kaitlynn Paquette
Robert and Much
photo by Karen Koehler
Robert and Oodle
photo by Frank Eckermann
bikejoring with Oodle
photo by Born 2 Run Photography

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Titles by Author

The 3 Muttskateers and the 4th

Through rhythm and rhyme take a glimpse at skijoring and the unique personalities of four loveable real-life dogs. Pulling their human mum on skis brings an extra special bond.

The Muttskateers and the Golden Nugget

Involved in bikejor, canicross, and other dryland activities, the Mutts continue their adventures. This time they are looking for a very important golden nugget.

Karen Koehler’s The Muttskateers is a celebration: of dogs, of humans, of the life they give each other. The rhyming style of writing begs to be read aloud and adds to the fun of Karen’s images! This book celebrates the intimate personal relationships that dogs and their owners share – and it is written in a way that both children and adults can enjoy and find laughter – in all the ordinary caring tasks of every day. The illustrative drawings give a glimpse into the dog-human-harness sport world that highlights the fun and intimacy of that everyday belonging.
The Muttsketeers chase medals, and rightfully so, but throughout the reading it was “run, run run for fun” that stayed with me; I smiled broadly all the way through. After reading this book, every child will want a dog – and adults too!

Brenda Peddigrew, author and writing guide,
Algonquin Highlands, ON

The Muttskateers is also available online

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