Wide Awake

Wide Awake
Perfect Bound
152 pages
Wide Awake by Sara Mody
perfect bound
I will never forget that moment when I found out that the marriage I cherished dearly, was over. I have never experienced another moment that was physically, mentally, or emotionally like it. My husband, the man I trusted most in the world, looked me in the eyes and calmly told me that he had stopped loving me. Not knowing that later on, I would discover that he was not the man I had known when I married him. He was a different person. Suddenly I understood what people meant when they talked about time standing still. At that moment my entire life changed. Shocked, deeply wounded and in great pain, I was now Wide Awake.
“No matter the drama or crisis in your life, this book will open your eyes to the future and leave you 'Wide Awake'. Walk side by side with Mody as she moves forward on the path of life, using her experiences to share step by step strategies for rekindling your spirit and healing your soul.”
John ForrestAuthor
10 editions, Chicken Soup for The Soul.

Wide Awake by Sara Mody is an honest, heartwarming and at times uproariously funny account of a woman who loses all yet gains in wisdom, self love and sheer chutzpah. A delightful, memorable read!!
—Lissa M. Cowan

Sara is living proof that the experiences she shares in her book can help anyone in their lifelong journey as long as they are willing to open their own doors. This book will inspire and motivate readers to make positive changes in their lives no matter what challenges they face. Wide Awake is a testament to what is possible.
—Vikram Vij

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