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Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters

Author: Lynn Marie Simpson
Publisher: Pine Lake Books
No. pages: 622
Size: 6x9 trade paperback
Genre: Fiction / Romance / Paranormal
ISBN 9781926898810
Combines the entire first three books in the Blood Curse series.
Jade is a member of the most feared and avoided creatures in the supernatural world, Moarté. Able to manipulate the world around them paired with the ability to shift into any shape, the Moarté are born to keep the supernatural world in line, and keep them from being discovered by the human world. While hunting a rogue were Jade comes in contact with the Alpha of the Lycan pack. Torn between the desire to please the only man who makes her feel truly alive, and her born duty, Jade has a big decision to make.

When her parents are murdered by a vampire, Alicia becomes the ward of the Moarté who rescued her from the same fate. Now a grown woman, Alicia discovers the truth about her own birth. With the help of the son of a God, can she survive who she was born to be to become the woman she wants to be?

Emerald is a member of one of the most powerful families of the supernatural world. Born with a powerful empathy she is drawn to strong emotions. Tortured by the pain of another she is drawn to the man who almost ended her own life; the same man who everyone presumed dead. During a daring rescue she is caught in an explosion which leaves her without a memory of whom or what she is. Can she survive in a make believe world, or will her true nature take over before it is too late?