Editing Services

Editing is charged at .015 (1.5 cents) per word with a minimum fee of $300.00. Additional fees will be billed separately.
Microsoft Word is required to use this service as all edits are done in Microsoft Word using the Track Changes option.

This is for editing services only, no other publishing services. They can be included in a package at a reduced rate.

Your manuscript will be checked for
→ Grammar
→ Structure
→ Punctuation
→ Plot Flow
→ Spelling
→ Tone of Voice

Please remember that it doesn’t matter how many times an editor, or how many editors, go through a manuscript. Not every error will be found, but the more runs through a manuscript the better the chance of getting the cleanest manuscript possible. It is recommended that author pay close attention during the editing process to ensure the cleanest manuscript.
Upload files before Adding to Cart.
All files should be in a ZIP file with your name, e.g. yourname.zip and sent as an attachment to Pine Lake Books