Lorah's Promise

Lorah\'s Promise
Title: Lorah's Promise
Author: Ann Harris
Coverart Penny Thompson
Publisher: Pine Lake Books
No. of Pages: 150
6x9 trade paperback, perfect bound
ISBN 9781926898001
eISBN 9781926898025
Thirteen year old Lorah dreams of one day becoming a nurse. When her family emigrates from Ireland to the Dominion of Canada in 1868 she has no idea how challenging her life is about to become-or if she can fulfill her dreams.
Crossing a raging river in a severe storm, and encountering a black bear are only the beginning of the new experiences she will face. Now she finds herself in an ongoing conflict with Brendan O'Hara, son of the owner of O'Hara's General Store. Will she be able to keep her job at the store despite Brendan's attempts to get her into trouble? And how will she and her family survive the harsh winter when her father leaves to work in the lumber camp?

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