Butterfly Love

Butterfly Love
Title: Butterfly Love
Author: Ann Harris
Cover art: Bev Newton
Publisher: Pine Lake Books
No. pages: 172 pages
Released August 6, 2011
ISBN 9781926898162
eISBN 9781926898209
Fourteen year old Amanda, adopted as a baby, longs to find out who her birth parents are. Whenever she tries to get answers from her busy, career-minded mother, she receives only negative responses. This makes for a very stormy relationship between them. Disappointed and frustrated, she turns to her two passions, horses and flowers, to console herself.
Amanda hopes to one day become a landscape architect. A chance meeting with Rosa Ross, an elderly lady, leads to a new friendship and an opportunity to develop her talents relating to garden design. Eventually, an unforeseen tragedy devastates Amanda and has unexpected consequences.
Will Amanda finally discover her ‘roots’? Will she find the happiness with her adoptive mother that she has yearned for?

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