[Novels (no colour)]


This is our base price for formatting a black and white interior for print and is based on 40,000 words or less. Manuscripts over 40,000 words will be billed additionally at ($0.02) 2 cents per word. If any colour is to be used within the interior of the book, please see our Colour/Picture Book services.
This service includes: formatting of your manuscript for print, ISBN number, barcode, cover design, submission to Legal Deposit*, and listing on the Pine Lake bookstore and Amazon. * Please note that every book published in Canada, intended for resale, requires submission to the Legal Deposit (Library and Archives Canada) along with copies of the book.

If you choose to convert to e-book format the service includes ISBN number for e-book(s) and registration with Legal Deposit digital.
For information on the different editing services please see our section on Editing Services.
Does not include Illustrations or printing. Author is responsible for all illustrations.
Author retains 85% of net royalties earned
Pine Lake Books will be listed as the publisher.
The first page of your file should contain your name, phone number, and email address.
Email your Word doc for formatting to Send Files and put your full name and receipt/invoice number in the body of the email. Thank you.
If B&W pictures are included in your manuscript please save all illustrations in zip file and upload with manuscript. Illustrations must be in jpg or tiff format and at least 300 ppi. Please clearly mark where illustrations go in manuscript. Author will be billed separately for formatting of illustrations and all illustrations supplied by PLB.

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