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Pine Lake Books began in 2009 as a place for new authors to get their books in print. We offered publishing services, illustration services, and a place to sell your books. We still do that. But we have also expanded to offer other services as well.

Authors and Illustrators

Pine Lake Books is proud to be the home of a diverse group of authors. Their specialties range from children's picture books to more mature content. We offer everything from humour to horror. Check our Authors and Illustrators section for more information on your favourite authors.

Would you like to become one of our authors? It's easier than you think. Pine Lake Books can help with everything from start to finish.

Publishing Services

Your book is written and now you want to see it in print? With a variety of services to offer we can help you realize your dream. As part of our basic services we will format your manuscript for print, supply you with an ISBN number, barcode, and a print-ready file. We will also send the necessary paperwork and copies to Library and Archives Canada, and help you register your copyright if you choose to do so.

eBook Conversion

Target more prospective readers by publishing in both print and ebook versions. Pine Lake Books can convert your printed manuscript into epub and/or mobi files.


Conversion Prices

ePub $250.00 alone (Kobo etc.)

Mobi $250.00 (Kindle)

ePub and Mobi $400.00

If included as addition to print production then:
epub $150.00
mobi $150.00
Both $200.00


We offer line editing services. We look for spelling and grammar errors. We also look for consistency in a story, however, we do not change the voice of the story, although we will offer suggestions.


Every book needs a cover, and some of those covers consist of illustrations. Here at Pine Lake Books we offer the services of several illustrators and artists to create that perfect cover art for you. Or simply download one of our ready made illustrations to incorporate into your project.

The artwork offered by Pine Lake Books varies in style from realistic to more fantasy based. Below are a couple of sample illustrations. For more options please check out the "Illustrations" section of our online store. Every illustration is available in different sizes suitable for different projects.

Looking for something unique, created for your project only, then any of our artists are willing to take on the project. Check out the individual styles of our artists and once you have found a style to your liking simply contact us for a quote and a sample. All custom created illustrations become the exclusive property of the contractor.

Ready made illustrations are available for use with a non-exclusive licence to use that illustration. When you purchase an illustration from our online store you will receive a download with the artwork in jpg format along with a licence for the use of the artwork.

Include a complete description of what you are looking for. Is it a cover for a book, an illustration for a business card or poster, or the entire contents of a picture book? The more details we have the better we are able to fulfil your needs. Don't forget the name of the artist whose services you prefer.
Ask about custom designed images

Images by Ina Louise Jackson


Cat on Carpet

Shy Angel

Real Cat

Blue Angel

Baby Wolf

Creepy Fireplace

Images by Sharon Bessy

Image available soon.

Ghost Writing

Everyone has a story they would like told, but not everyone has the ability to put that story down on paper.

If you are looking to write your own story, whether it is a short story or a full-length novel, there are authors at Pine Lake Books who would like to help make your dream a reality.

If it is a tale of terror you seek, Jackson is the one for you. There are all types of terror. The things you can see, or the things we can't see but they still go bump in the night. Jackson weaves a tale that draws the reader into the world on the pages. She makes the unbelievable, believable. She can write your story for you, or coach you as you write your own.

Not a horror fan! Not to worry. If it is within our grasp, we will find someone who can help you. Send us your requirements, age target, genre, and story idea, and we will do our best to connect you with an author who can help.

Whoever agrees to be your writer, you will be a part of the entire journey with Chapter by Chapter updates. If at any time you decide you do not like the style of writing or the direction the writer is going, you can discontinue the relatonship with the author. You will be billed for all work completed, and said work will become your property.

Send a complete synopsis [Description of the story you want told] with your advance fee. In return you will receive a complete chapter outline and the first chapter. If you are happy with what you receive then the author will continue. If you are unhappy at any time you can cancel services. All work completed is yours and there will be "No refunds" for work completed even if you decide not to use it.


Fees for Ghostwriting

Chapter Outline and Chapter One $250.00

$2.00 per word for remainder of project

Client will be billed in four sections for work completed.

Client can discontinue working relationship at any point but there will be no refunds for work completed.

Client owns copyright to work paid for and will be considered the author.

Please book for your Ghost Writing services.

THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THAT ANY STORY WILL SELL that is a chance any author takes.
For a sample of any author's style, check out their books in our bookstore, or check author pages for sample chapters.

Workshops and Readings

Looking for someone to talk to your ladies group, inspire them, or simply have story hour at a library. Below you will find a list of authors and when they are available.

Thinking of something a little more ambitious? Some of our authors are more than happy to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon doing a writing workshop, encouraging writers young and old to embrace their inner writer and put their tales on paper. There are also evening hours available throughout the week. Check the calendar to book available authors.

The fees for authors range between $100 and $500 per hour plus travel and lodging, depending upon the venue. Once you have booked an author you will receive instructions with details where to send the tickets and itinerary.

Promotional Materials

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